My first electricity bill after switching through you was $214, which is $74 less than the previous month with my old provider! I am never going back to them! Thank you!!

- Vickie J. in Frisco -- Residential

I just wanted to thank you for helping my business get a lower electric rate. We went from almost 13¢ down to under 6¢! You guys are the best!

- Greg C. in McKinney -- Commercial

I didn’t even know I could change electric companies until a coworker told me about your site. I have been with TXU for years, and I now know they have been taking advantage of me. Your company saved me over $100 a month. That’s $1,200 a year!

- Grace H. in Dallas -- Residential

Thank you for assisting us with our electricity costs. Other than payroll, electricity was our largest monthly expense, so the 24% savings you got for us really helped our bottom line.

- Rich B. in Katy -- Commercial

I don’t know how you did it, but you lowered our electric bill by quite a bit, and we were able to stay with the same energy company. It kind of burns me they were charging me more before, but you folks worked your magic and now we are happy.

- Jeff I. in Brownsville -- Commercial

Thanks for making it so easy to compare the various electric companies. We used your site a couple of months ago and have been very pleased.

- Ricky C. in Odessa -- Residential

Woohoo! I just received my first bill after making the switch, and I love what I see! I’m a college student, so I don’t have money to throw around. You have really helped me out.

- Chris M. in Abilene -- Residential

Based on the savings we have seen our first two months with the new provider, we are expecting an annual savings of $17,000. That really moves the needle for us. Thank you.

- Jack S. in Brownwood -- Commercial

Thank you so much! I am so thankful we changed companies and lowered our electric rate. Who knew it was so easy to change? Summer is just a couple of months away, so this is really going to help.

- Kris K. in Waco -- Residential