Oncor is Giving Away Free Shade Trees

Oncor has just announced they are teaming up with the Arbor Day Foundation to give away free trees to 4,000 of Oncor customers. The trees are intended to be planted in your yard to help shade your home or your air conditioning unit. Every Oncor customer selected will receive 2 trees, and there are six types of trees you can choose from: Bur Oak, Cedar Elm, Mexican Buckeye, Mexican White Oak, Pecan or Texas Redbud.

Oncor customers have until November 2, 2018 to apply for the electricity-reducing trees, but don’t delay, as the trees will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

To apply, please visit the Arbor Day Foundations’s energy-saving tree website before the deadline. This is the 7th year of the program, and more than 43,000 trees have been planted through this initiative.

One thought on “Oncor is Giving Away Free Shade Trees

  1. I ordered my trees months ago. Still waiting. I called number given on their site and was told trees should be delivered within the upcoming week. Than received an email stating to have the ground ready to plant the trees. Still to this day no trees. I think maybe this Oncor arbor day partnership is just not true. SCAM,

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