About Us

Texas Electricity Plans was created with one goal: to make it as easy as possible for Texans to find the cheapest electricity plan. We have accomplished that goal by listing the best electricity plans from the top electricity providers in an easy-to-read table. We've omitted the gimmicky plans and the questionable electric providers, so you can quickly and confidently find a plan that will save you money.

Texas families and business owners are fortunate to have the power to choose which electric provider they want to do business with. This power gives you control to find an electricity plan that has a rate and terms that match your specific situation. You can now avoid the one size fits all cookie-cutter plan by selecting a plan that works for YOU.

You also now have the ability to avoid paying those large electricity deposits. In the past, you had no way around paying a large deposit when an electric provider demanded it. That money was held as ransom until you moved out of that home and payed your final bill. Of course, you had to do the same thing all over again to get electricity at your new home. Under that tactic, the electric company was able to earn interest on all the deposits it held, while you received nothing and had no access to that money.

Even with bad credit, you can now get the lights turned on within a couple of hours without having to pay a large deposit. No credit check electricity plans keep that money under your control instead of holding it hostage.

Utilize your power to choose today, by entering your zip code at the top and selecting a plan that works best for your situation.