Commercial Electricity

Shopping for commercial electricity in Texas has never been easier. Gone are the days when you had to call each provider individually for their quotes.

Not only do we make the shopping easier for you, we also can get better rates for you than you would be able to obtain by contacting the Retail Electric Providers (REPs) directly. When you call into the commercial department of a REP, you will be speaking with a salaried member of an organization that needs to place customers into an electricity rate that will cover the cost of the phone representative and the marketing costs for the group.

Alternatively, when a broker is used instead of an in-house phone representative, the REP does not have to pay the phone rep for the time it takes them to run credit and fill out the documents for you over the phone. Because of this, the REPs give brokers preferred rates to use for their clients.

For businesses that use less than 200,000 kWh per year, these daily rates are used. We receive the daily rates from many REPs, so we know which rate is the lowest on that day for every region of Texas.

For larger businesses, we pull your business’s historical electricity usage and place it up for bidding to the top REPs in the state, forcing them to bring even better rates to the table. Because they know they are directly competing for your business in real time, they offer rates that are specific to your business and which are lower than their blanket offerings. The more electricity your business uses, they cheaper your rates can be.