Why Did Electricity Companies in Arlington Raise Rates?

comparing Arlington electricity companiesThe price of electricity rates in Arlington tend to move seasonally. We do not usually see year-over-year price increases. So why is this year different? While inflation may have played a small role, the main culprit is clear.

Why Did Electricity Rates in Arlington Go Up?

The reason for the rise in electricity prices originates in the Ice Storm of 2021. That storm caused rolling blackouts all across Texas. Arlington, TX saw a solid week where the temperatures never went above freezing. Because of that, many power plants in the state were knocked offline. This caused a massive spike in wholesale electricity prices.

After the storm was over, the Public Utility Commission of Texas and ERCOT demanded changes to keep this from happening again.  Two types of electric companies were affected: power plants and Transmission/Distribution Utility companies.

Texas power plants were told they had to strengthen their facilities so they can withstand freezing temperatures. Going offline at the first sign of a cold snap would no longer be tolerated.

TDU companies were forced to beef up their distribution sites and increase their ability to quickly repair downed power lines. Electric companies in Arlington were put on notice.

These changes to infrastructure are expensive.  Of course, the electric companies are not going to eat the cost. They have been quick to pass on the expenses to their customers in the form of higher electricity rates.

Did the Price of Electricity Go Up in Other Texas Cities?

Arlington, Texas is not the only city seeing higher electric rates this year. In fact, rates are up across the entire state.

Electric companies in Corpus Christi have raised rates a full cent this year. That is a 12% increase over last year’s price of electricity. You don’t usually think of a southern coastal city being affected by an ice storm.

Laredo, Texas has also been hit with higher rates. Light companies in Laredo have raised rates almost as much as those in Arlington have.

Electricity consumers in Waco, TX have seen price hikes similar to Arlington. Waco electricity providers have raised their prices steadily over the last 12 months.

How Long Will the Price of Electricity Stay Elevated?

That really is the key question here. The electric companies have not raised rates to increase their profit margin. They did it to cover the unexpected expenses that were mandated to them.

So, it makes sense that once the added expenses have been covered by the consumers, the rates will fall. That is the hope, anyway.

That being said, inflation is affecting everything we buy right now. The price of natural gas has stayed down so far. But, the price of coal is definitely higher than last year.

Why Do Electricity Rates Fluctuate Throughout the Year?

comparing Laredo electricityHave you noticed that the electricity companies in Texas have a routine of changing electricity rates every month?  If so, you are more aware than the majority of electricity consumers in Texas.

Every month, the electricity rates are updated during the first few days of the month.  Electric companies move rates up or down, but the companies usually move in unison with one another.

For example, most electric companies in Corpus Christi lowered their electric rates 0.4 cents this month.  They did this the first two days of the month, and the price decline was across the board.

Likewise, the electric companies in Plano dropped their rates by 0.2 cents at the same time.  This is standard practice, and you can benefit by understanding the seasonal swings in the prices of Texas electricity.

Why Are Electricity Rates Cheapest in the Spring and Fall?

The reason for this is simple.  There is more demand for electricity in the summer and winter.  Families and businesses use more electricity during those months.

The spring and fall seasons bring mild temperatures.  Because of this, people do not use as much electricity to cool or heat their homes.  These months are called the “shoulder months”.

You can use this seasonality of electricity rates to your advantage.  You should plan ahead so that your electricity plans are expiring during the cheaper shoulder months.

How Do I Make Sure My Electricity Plan Expires During the Shoulder Months?

Let’s say your current electricity plan expires in July.  You can take steps to move that back to April.  There are two ways to do this.  One way is quicker, but there is an expense to it.

The quickest way is to pay an Early Termination Fee to end your contract in April.  If you have a plan that only charges $20 per remaining months, that relatively cheap to do.  But if you have a plan with an expensive ETF, use the following Strategy.

Generally, electricity companies in Laredo do not charge the ETF fee if you switch to a new provider within 2 weeks of your contract end date.  So this year switch to a new provider two weeks early.  Make sure to pick an plan with an ETF of $20 per remaining months.  That way, you can move your renewal date back another month or two to take advantage of the cheaper electricity rates.

found a providerWhich Electric Companies Have the Cheapest Early Termination Fees?

If you need to adjust when your electricity plans expire, it is important to choose an electric company with a cheap ETF.  There are three electric companies in Texas that have cheap early termination fees.  Those companies are Express Energy, 4Change Energy and TriEagle Energy.

By switching to one of these electricity providers, you can make an affordable strategy to move your contract end date.  This will allow you to save money on your electric bills.

Gexa Energy Review: Compare Gexa Energy’s Electricity Rates and Plans

compare electricity providersIs Gexa a Good Electric Company?

Gexa is a very strong electric company.  They have a very good financial standing.  They have many plans to choose from.  As for their electric rates, Gexa’s electricity plans are cheap.

In short, Gexa Energy is a great electric company!

How Long Has Gexa Energy Been in Business?

Gexa has been doing business in Texas since 2002.  That is when the state deregulated its electricity market.

They were purchased buy NextEra Energy in 2005.  This gave them a very strong financial base.

Does Gexa Energy Have Cheap Electricity Plans?

Gexa routinely has the cheapest electricity plans in Texas.  Most of their plans offer bill credits.  They also have plans that include free smart thermostats.

As an example, Gexa has very cheap electricity in Plano.  Their Saver Deluxe 12 Plan is only 8.2 cents.  That is cheaper than the other electric companies in Plano.

Compare Gexa to Other Electricity Providers

Gexa Energy prides itself in staying ahead of the competition.  They monitor the rates of other electricity providers.  Gexa is quick to lower their rates to stay in the cheapest spot.

Gexa Energy tends to have more plans than other electricity providers.  This gives you the ability to find the best electricity plan for your situation.

Is Gexa Energy the Best Corpus Christi Electricity Company?

Gexa currently has the cheapest electricity rates in Corpus Christi.  Rates do vary, but Gexa is quick to stay ahead of the other utility companies.

They are very easy to do business with.  Gexa offers online account management.  They can be reached by phone, email, and online chat.

Gexa Energy offers Auto Bill Pay.  You can set this up to be paid by credit card.  You can also set up an automatic bank draft.

How Does Gexa Compare to other Light Companies in Laredo?

There are many good light companies in Laredo.  Gexa consistently sets themselves above the competition.

The number of electricity plans offered by Gexa dwarfs most of the other electricity providers.  With such a large selection, they can meet the needs of any customer.

Their online account management system is very easy to use.  You can quickly track how much electricity you use.  You can see previous and current electric bills.  Paying online or over the phone is a breeze.

Why Should I Switch my Electricity to Gexa Energy?

Here are the top 7 reasons to switch to Gexa:

  1. Great selection of electricity plans
  2. Very cheap electricity rates
  3. No hidden fees
  4. Good customer service
  5. Many options for monitoring electricity usage
  6. Easy to pay bills
  7. Strong financial standing

How Do I Switch my Utilities to Gexa Energy?

Switching your energy provider to Gexa is easy.  You can call them directly to set up a same day switch.

Gexa Energy’s Phone Number:  855-639-8234

You can also enter your zip code at the top of the page to see their current rates and plans.  Then you just need to click the green SELECT button to sign up online.

Who is the Cheapest Electricity Company in Plano?

found a providerCompare 12 Month Plans from the Best Plano Electric Companies

12 month electricity plans are the most popular plans in Plano for a reason.  They give you price stability, without a long-term commitment.  That is a win-win situation!  Let’s compare Plano electric plans.

The Flash 12 electric plan from Express Energy has a great rate.  At 8.3 cents, it is the cheapest electricity plan in Plano.  You also receive a $100 bill credit when you use more than 1000 kWh.  This plan does not have a base charge.

The Maxx Saver Select 12 plan from 4Change Energy in another great electricity plan.  It offers a very low electricity rate of 8.5 cents.  You get $75 bill credit for the months you use more than 1000 kWh.  The base charge is $0 for this electric plan.

Find the Best Long-Term Electric Plan in Plano

Some people just that want a “set it and forget it” electricity plan.  If that sounds like you, take a look at 36 month plans.

TriEagle currently has a great 36 month plan.  Their Sure Value 36 plan is great! You get a very good rate of 10.4 cents.  You also get price protection for three years.  The base charge is only $4.95 per month.  To top it off, you get a $30 bill credit when you hit 1000 kWh!

Do Plano Electric Plans Have Hidden Fees?

Hidden fees can be a hassle.  The easiest way to avoid fees is to pay your bill on time.  Most hidden fees come into play if you are late on your payments.  You can be hit with late fees and disconnect fees.  Then you get nailed again when they reconnect your power.

Another fee to watch out for are early termination fees.  The electric companies charge this fee if you switch to another provider too soon.  If you sign up for a 12 month plan, you need to stay with that electric company for the full 12 months.  If you happen to move within 12 months, there is no early termination fee.

How Do You Switch to the Cheapest Electric Company in Plano?

Switching to a new electric company is easy.  You just pick a plan from a good electric company, and then sign up for it.  You can sign up over the phone or online.  It’s super easy.

The best news is you do not need to cancel with your existing electric company.  When you sign up with a new provider, they handle the switch for you.  You will then receive a final electric bill from your old provider, and that’s the end of that chapter!  So easy!

Find a Cheap Electricity Plan in Waco

shopping for electricityMarch is the perfect time to find the cheapest electricity plan in Waco. Electricity bills tend to be lower in the spring and fall.  That means it is a great time to lock in a low rate. The main question is how long to lock it in for.  A 12 month electricity plan is the most popular choice. This way you aren’t locked in too long.  Yet, you can take advantage of seasonal price movements. Let’s look at the best electricity plans in Waco, TX.

What is the Cheapest 12 Month Electricity Plan in Waco?

Saver Deluxe 12 from Gexa Energy is currently the cheapest 12-month electricity plan in Waco. The rate is 8.2 cents per kWh.  Gexa Energy has many great electricity plans right now.

This electricity plan has a bill credit of $100.  The bill credit is awarded when you use between 1000-2000 kWh of electricity for the month.  There is no base charge for this plan.  Some electricity companies have very high base charges, but not this one.

This plan is perfect for apartments.  It’s also a great deal for small to medium houses. How does an electricity bill of less than $85 sound?  We think it’s great!

Compare Long Term Electricity Plans in Waco

If you want to lock in a cheap rate for longer, try this one. TriEagle Energy has a fantastic 3-year electricity plan.  The Sure Value 36 plan from TriEagle is a winner.

This plan has a very cheap Base Charge of $4.95.  The electricity rate for Sure Value 36 is 10.4 cents for Waco, Texas. So cheap!

Most electricity plans have an early termination fee.  This plan does, too.  If you cancel early, you will pay $20 for each remaining month.  If you move, you don’t have to pay this fee.

What’s the Cheapest Electricity Plan in Waco for an Apartment?

Tiered plans are a great option for apartment in Waco, TX. They make your electricity bills completely predictable. As long as you use less than 1000 kWh, you know exactly what your bill will be.

Easy Saver 12 plan from 4Change Energy is such a plan. Each month your electricity charge will be a flat $99. No more worrying or guessing over a high electricity bill. You are charged a flat fee each month you meet the criteria.  It doesn’t get any easier!

What are the Best Electricity Plans in Waco?

To see a list of the best electricity plans in Waco, visit the Texas Electricity Plans page for Waco. The Waco electricity plans are ranked, starting with the cheapest plan.  Simply go down the list until you find a plan that matches your needs.

All the electricity providers listed are good, strong electric companies.  You won’t see any weak, questionable providers.  We carefully screen all the electric companies, and we only allowing the best to be listed.

Take advantage of the season price moves.  Lock in a great electricity rate now!

How Texas Avoided a Repeat of the 2021 Winter Storm Blackouts

Winter 2022 is coming to a close, and Texas residents can breathe a sigh of relief. The Texas energy grid survived the winter season without incident. After 2021’s devastating storm and subsequent freeze, many were concerned whether the Lone Star State was prepared should another weather crisis occur. In Early February 2022, Texas once again faced low-temperature extremes — but this time, the system held on. What was different this time around?

Legislation and Policy

Texas lawmakers passed legislation immediately following Winter Storm Uri; the bill included several measures to prevent another winter disaster (i.e., weatherization mandates and an emergency alert system). Because Texas holds a lot of autonomy over its electric grid, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) was able to get generators online quickly without additional red tape.


Thanks to the quick response from leadership, Texas energy companies were able to prioritize much-needed infrastructure improvements. A new inspection team audited facilities to help assess needed structural repairs, and the team followed up to ensure energy providers followed through. ERCOT officials required proof of readiness for severe weather and even performed unannounced tests. Energy facilities implemented new insulation strategies to prevent freezing pipes and protect transmission lines, even going so far as to add portable heaters and build windbreaks around machinery. Companies faced hefty fines if they weren’t complying with weatherization best practices.

Increased Power Reserves

Based on the 2021 electricity demand, ERCOT increased its operational power reserves in preparation for winter 2022. Essentially, should the electricity generators fail, the grid had enough backup power to continue to service Texas residents. In 2021, there was a shortage in natural gas production, which accounts for the majority of Texas home heating; this time around, natural gas providers maintained their supply. What’s more, this year’s winter storm was especially windy, which consequentially augmented wind power’s contribution to the grid. Overall, ERCOT officials collaborated with fuel providers and improved communication channels among energy stakeholders and state agencies. Texas bulked up its electricity generation ahead of the cold weather predictions — ultimately, temperatures didn’t dip as low as expected, but the fuel supplies were ready nonetheless.  This will raise electricity rates in Arlington, at least temporarily.


One of the main reasons Texas persevered this winter is simple: people were ready. With winter weather looming, residents took to social media channels to share tips and resources. Last year, locals lost access to television and the internet following widespread blackouts; for 2022, the state’s emergency management division improved its outreach and alert system, expanding efforts to make critical information available in multiple languages. Individuals and cities invested in bottled water reserves and tire chains (for emergency vehicles). Residents were paying closer attention to news outlets and state guidance compared to last year when the rare weather event caught them off guard.

Texas still has some holes to fill concerning winter weather preparedness; unfortunately, these initiatives take time, resources, and funding — all of which are impacted by the pandemic and supply chain issues. Nonetheless, in their first major test since Winter Storm Uri, Texas residents prevailed.