Gexa Energy Review: Compare Gexa Energy’s Electricity Rates and Plans

compare electricity providersIs Gexa a Good Electric Company?

Gexa is a very strong electric company.  They have a very good financial standing.  They have many plans to choose from.  As for their electric rates, Gexa’s electricity plans are cheap.

In short, Gexa Energy is a great electric company!

How Long Has Gexa Energy Been in Business?

Gexa has been doing business in Texas since 2002.  That is when the state deregulated its electricity market.

They were purchased buy NextEra Energy in 2005.  This gave them a very strong financial base.

Does Gexa Energy Have Cheap Electricity Plans?

Gexa routinely has the cheapest electricity plans in Texas.  Most of their plans offer bill credits.  They also have plans that include free smart thermostats.

As an example, Gexa has very cheap electricity in Plano.  Their Saver Deluxe 12 Plan is only 8.2 cents.  That is cheaper than the other electric companies in Plano.

Compare Gexa to Other Electricity Providers

Gexa Energy prides itself in staying ahead of the competition.  They monitor the rates of other electricity providers.  Gexa is quick to lower their rates to stay in the cheapest spot.

Gexa Energy tends to have more plans than other electricity providers.  This gives you the ability to find the best electricity plan for your situation.

Is Gexa Energy the Best Corpus Christi Electricity Company?

Gexa currently has the cheapest electricity rates in Corpus Christi.  Rates do vary, but Gexa is quick to stay ahead of the other utility companies.

They are very easy to do business with.  Gexa offers online account management.  They can be reached by phone, email, and online chat.

Gexa Energy offers Auto Bill Pay.  You can set this up to be paid by credit card.  You can also set up an automatic bank draft.

How Does Gexa Compare to other Light Companies in Laredo?

There are many good light companies in Laredo.  Gexa consistently sets themselves above the competition.

The number of electricity plans offered by Gexa dwarfs most of the other electricity providers.  With such a large selection, they can meet the needs of any customer.

Their online account management system is very easy to use.  You can quickly track how much electricity you use.  You can see previous and current electric bills.  Paying online or over the phone is a breeze.

Why Should I Switch my Electricity to Gexa Energy?

Here are the top 7 reasons to switch to Gexa:

  1. Great selection of electricity plans
  2. Very cheap electricity rates
  3. No hidden fees
  4. Good customer service
  5. Many options for monitoring electricity usage
  6. Easy to pay bills
  7. Strong financial standing

How Do I Switch my Utilities to Gexa Energy?

Switching your energy provider to Gexa is easy.  You can call them directly to set up a same day switch.

Gexa Energy’s Phone Number:  855-639-8234

You can also enter your zip code at the top of the page to see their current rates and plans.  Then you just need to click the green SELECT button to sign up online.

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