Which Electricity Providers in Corpus Christi Have the Best Rates?

compare electricity providersCorpus Christi has many electricity providers to choose from.  That is good news for those looking for a cheaper electric plan.  With so many providers available to you, we have made it easy by listing out the best plans from the top electric companies.

The electricity plans can be broken down into three buckets: apartments, small house, large house. Because of that, you can find a plan tailored for your situation. Find the best Corpus Christi Electricity Provider for your home.

Corpus Christi Electricity Providers with Plans for Apartments

The average energy use for an apartment in Corpus Christi is 500 mWh.  So, here are some plans designed for that usage amount.

Gexa Saver Value 12 plan has a rate that is perfect for an apartment in Corpus Christi.  You can expect an electric bill of $64 with this electricity provider’s plan.

TriEagle Energy’s Savvy Value 12 plan will produce an electric bill of $69 dollars.  This electricity plan also has a bill credit benefit.

What is a Good Electricity Plan for a Small House in Corpus Christi?

For small homes in corpus Christi, you will want an electricity plan with a low rate.  This will keep your bills low, even in the hot summer months.  These electricity providers have great plans.

Frontier Utilities has a great 12-month plan.  Their Super Value 12 plan was made for small homes.  You can expect a monthly electric bill of $91 with this plan.  It even offers you a $100 bill credit every month!

4Change Energy has a fantastic 24-month plan.  Your electric bill will also be $91 with this plan.  But you have the added advantage of price protection for two years!  This plan also has a $100 bill credit.

TXU Energy’s Clear Deal 12 is another good option.  It comes with a $30 bill credit, and a low early termination fee.  TXU also has low credit requirements, so getting no deposit electricity it easy.

Compare Electricity Providers for Large Corpus Christi Homes

TriEagle Energy has a line of electric plans that target large homes.  The name of the line is Savvy Value. There is a 12-month, 24-month and a 36-month plan in this suite.  The Savvy Value 36 plan has the best rate.  All three offer a $30 bill credit.

Frontier Utilities has a plan called Max 12.  This plan has $100 bill credit.  It has a 12-month term, so you are not locked in for too long.

Gexa Energy has a plan that comes with a smart thermostat.  The Gexa Saver 36 gives you price protection, as well as the thermostat.  They even install the thermostat for you.

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